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All that glitters is not gold. It might be diamonds.

oMohana Bala Siva is one among so many girls in this world. Like so many other girls, she has her dreams and wishes; she hopes and loves and laughs like everyone does. But unlike anyone else, she is uniquely Mohana and irreplaceably so.
She hails from a small town in Tamil Nadu and claims the same place to be her home at heart. The town with its authenticities and culture, conventions and rules have challenged her, picked on her and bullied her. At the very same time, it has taken Mohana to heaven and back.

Her home being more of a rural area is rich in nature's blessings. She believes this to be the reason why she prefers an evening, lazing under a breezy neem tree rather than hitting the mall for the latest fashion trends. She gamely asks the city bred girl next to her, how she manages to live in a concrete pot of noise. Politely of course.

A place of natural beauty focusses your entire energy in the present. It allows you to ponder and wallow in your thoughts. It takes you to the …

Magically Transform Your Mistakes Into Blessings

I like perfection. Not as in, clean cut lines and spotless floors( okay, maybe I do) but I definitely love it when I am perfectly happy with life. When I see and feel that things are going the way they should be, I feel so joyful. And you know what puts a damper on these amazing moments and feelings in life?Mistakes.Especially when I make them but other mistakes hurt too. Suddenly, everything appears unfair. Everyone's lives seem peachy except mine and it turns into a full- blown pity fest. And I think and rethink that exact moment when everything turned bad and wonder and ponder and pick my brains out , thinking of how things would have been so different if I'd just known.Time is a great healer. Not because you start to forget the so called loss but you start to think about the incident with a broader perspective because the brash emotional lash out that accompanied the memory soon wears out.Taking a step back, I have seen ( every single time) how the mistake is the exact epi…

Cue The Magic!

One word. Wow. Until this point, gratitude seemed to be opening doors for me, breaking barriers for me, helping me glide through circumstances in the outside world. This practice made me realize that there is no 'outside' world, myself and the Universe. There is One thing and that all these meaningless battles and plans and so-called victories and successes were a sham. The reality is Perfection.This is a thriving Universe with the centre of Power being Me and You. Everything is effortless, LOVE is THE FORCE behind it all and we get to decide everything. There was never a 'Me' against 'the world' and I had never gained a new ammunition in the name of gratitude to pave my way through life.It was a bloody illusion and it took this practice to show me that.How does it do that???It instils a new belief. That is all it does. A belief that the Universe is always trying to communicate with me and trying to show me all the things there are to love and to be grateful fo…