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Heart Magic💖💓

The heart is truly awe-inspiring , is it not?

It LUBS and DUBS without taking a breather and even gives more of itself when pushed past its comfort zones. ( Hello exercise!)  It sends life pulsing through every cell and fibre of our bodies and it does this with no conscious requests from us! And even though science has it proven that thoughts and emotions are the product of the humbly present goop within our heads, I FEEL stuff in my heart. I think it is safe to assume that we all do.  Liberation and freedom feels like an explosion of fresh air within my heart. Peace feels ....ummm....peaceful IN MY HEART.   Every emotion feels as if it comes from my heart. I sure as heck don't know the reason for that, but the role of my heart in the way I perceive life and live is undeniable.
Even in the absence of thoughts and words, I still feel and I even understand. Sometimes better so than when there are words clouding my mind.
I guess "heart magic" is a way you understand the…

Magic Footsteps

I have always loved fairy tales and those Barbie movies. The backdrop that was gorgeous at all times, the love and the magical feel these movied and books had to them were so breathtakingly beautiful to me. They still are. I guess, in some way I always believed(or atleast hoped) that this was how life would turn out to be for me.
The part that really caught me and put me into a trance was when the heroine would walk in or walk by. The very ground she laid her feet on would sigh in pleasure and blossom all over. Trees dipped their branches hoping for the slightest brush and birds tweeted and chirped and sang for her. Whether it was her presence that was magical or the place she happened to be was enchanted, was hard to tell. But the theme of magic and beauty was doubtless.
I never consciously wished for that but it was something I was definitely encaptured by.
This practice, believe it or not, gave me that. Okay, maybe trees did not bend towards me nor did birds fly over to grace my sh…